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The NIHU program


Lecture by Dr. Marie Juul Petersen " For Humanity or for the Umma? Ideologies of Aid in International Muslim NGOs"

on Feb 26, 2012

Announcing WIAS and KIAS joint presentation of two lectures by Dr. Marie Juul Petersen, on Feb 26th (Sun) 2012 at Waseda campus building 26 (Okuma Memorial Tower), and on Feb 28th (Tue) 2012 at Kyoto University main campus research building 2.

The Waseda and Kyoto University IAS centers will jointly present two lectures by researcher Marie Juul Petersen as follows. Please join us for this event.

Lecturer Marie Juul Petersen is an internationally active researcher, working in both the US and Europe, and studying mainly on Muslim organizations and NGOs. She will present two lectures, one at Waseda on the recent activities of UK-based NGOs such as MuslimAid and Islamic Relief, and one at Kyoto University on how Muslim NGO activities changed after 9/11.

The details of these lectures are shown below. We know that everyone is busy at the end of the academic year, but will hope you will make time to join us for this event.

*** LECTURE 1 *** For Humanity or for the Umma? Ideologies of Aid in International Muslim NGOs

Feb 26th (Sun) 2012, 14:00-17:00
Waseda University main campus building 26 (Okuma Memorial Tower), basement
English (without Japanese translation)


Greetings by SAKURAI Keiko (Waseda Univ.)
Introductory Lecture on Muslim NGOs by NEJIMA Susumu (Toyo Univ.)
For Humanity or for the Umma? Ideologies of Aid in International Muslim NGOs
Q & A (Host, NEJIMA Susumu)
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