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13th Text Reading from Husayn Muruwwa’s “Materialistic Trends in Arab-Islamic Philosophy”

on Mar 10, 2012

WIAS will hold the 13th text reading from Husayn Muruwwa’s “Materialistic Trends in Arab-Islamic Philosophy” at Waseda University on March 10th (Sat) 2012.

Waseda University IAS center, group 1 (Knowledge and Authority in Islam), sub-group C will hold their 13th text reading from Husayn Muruwwa’s “Materialistic Trends in Arab-Islamic Philosophy” as follows. Quite a bit of time has passed since our last text reading of this series, but we shall now resume.

Advance notice of attendance is not required, so feel free to join us. (The author's background, the nature of the text, and the aim of this event are explained below.)

Date and Time
March 10th (Sat) 2012, 14:00-17:00
Waseda University, Bldg 120-4, 3rd floor, Conference Room # 4-309-2

Text covered
Chapter 1: Phenomena in Jahiliyyah Society, pp. 187 – 231
Reading and discussion leader
Free discussion
Following the reading, we will have a discussion about the text, and an open exchange of ideas on topics such as the role of Arab intellectuals in relation to the recent revolutions in the Middle East.
Japanese (without English translation)

Husayn Muruwwa (1910-1987) was a social theorist who played a major role in the communist movement in the modern Arab world. He came from a Shiite Muslim family in Lebanon and went on to become a leader of the Lebanese Communist Party. Although his work "Materialistic Trends in Arab-Islamic Philosophy" went unpublished after his assassination, his bold attempts to take and reinterpret the traditions of Arab-Islamic thought to energize the modern reformation movement are said to influence Middle Eastern intellectuals to this day.

1. People interested in Arab-Islamist political and social thought
2. People interested in Marxism
3. People interested in readings from Arabic texts

All welcome to join us, regardless of your “specialization” in the strictest sense of the word. We hope people from a wide variety of fields will participate, since a more varied audience will allow us to get more from the text. Further, people who don't necessarily understand the Arabic language, but simply want to listen and perhaps join the discussion are encouraged to attend. We appreciate your consideration of this event. If you would like to receive a copy of the text, please notify the Waseda IAS office of your street address by email at info(@), and a copy will be sent to you by post.