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The Project Research Institutes of the Comprehensive Research Organization, Waseda University comprise a core staff of full-time faculty from Waseda University, and were inaugurated in April 2000 for the purpose of promoting cross-disciplinary, collaborative joint research. While the term "research institute" is generally associated with large buildings and a permanent research organization, the Project Research Institutes are time-limited, functional research institutes, established with the aim of implementing research projects within a specific timeframe. They may sometimes also be virtual research institutes, lacking physical form.

More than 10 years after the official inauguration, the number of Project Research Institutes under the Comprehensive Research Organization has reached approximately 130 as of April 2010. The Institutes have succeeded in stimulating liberal research among all faculty and researchers in Waseda University, and in particular, have provided significant impetus for promoting research activities based on societal collaboration. Furthermore, through the involvement of external researchers, a research organization based locally within our university has expanded globally to become one that is positioned at the frontlines of Wasaeda as a research university.

This homepage will provide you with a thorough understanding of the current new and diverse research trends at the university, as well as a glimpse of the future of research in the Waseda community. I look forward to your continued support for the Project Research Institutes, Comprehensive Research Organization, Waseda University

Shunsuke HANAI
Chairperson, Comprehensive Research Organization / Professor, Faculty of Commerce

Merging Growth with Creativity:
A structured, collaborative model for research

Waseda University has maintained a longstanding tradition of inviting specialists to research interdisciplinary issues in small, highly motivated study groups. Project Research Institutes bring this tradition to a higher level, breathing new life into cross-disciplinary research by integrating projects into tightly-knit research units.

The enhanced variety and flexibility engendered by this approach has encouraged research with external organizations, both domestic and foreign, and opened avenues to generous funding from companies and the government. Fixed-length, goal-oriented programs of several years, moreover, enable a "scrap and build" approach, a key to maintaining creativity in scholarship at the forefront of knowledge.

Project Research Institues:An interdisciplinary approach to progressive fields

Project Research Institutes, as a program inaugurated in April 2000, is our attempt to address these concerns through a fresh approach to academic study. Drawing from the methodologies of diverse fields, the institutes allow researchers to catch up on the needs of society with unprecedented speed - and, in so doing, engage in scholarship that contributes to the welfare and progress of the whole world.

The Project Research Institutes conduct cross-disciplinary studies that cover a wide range of topics: from the development of cutting-edge technology to future social systems, to pioneering contributions in education and culture. The number of laboratories has increased drastically since the program's inauguration four years ago, now totaling well over one hundred.

The Comprehensive Research Organization exists to guide and direct the laboratories. It coordinates the opening and closing of project laboratories and manages external funding under the steering committee. It also works to keep the laboratories fresh and vital, publicizes research achievements, and handles public relations.


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